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Emma strives to minimise her environmental impact, and produces as-local-as-possible yarns for your knitting pleasure.

Her beautiful creations can be found for sale on her website, and you can also follow her on instagram @woollymammothfibres. 

Philosophy & Ideals

* Natural dyes sourced from her garden or kitchen scraps - the ultimate way to make sure every last item is used to its fullest potential! Wherever it is not possible to use locally gathered dye-stuffs, Emma will employ the use of natural dye extracts. 

*  An old school project that resulted in the creation of a naturally-dyed woven mat spurred on a desire to start spinning and dyeing yarn as a hobby - eventually leading to Woolly Mammoth Fibre Co. 

* Locally focused, Emma sources yarns spun in Yorkshire. The wool is non-superwash, nylon-free, and come from British sheep, some of rare breeds. She uses compostable packaging for all her orders, and promotes the Shop Local movement. 

Fibres & Colourways

* Featuring rare and unique breeds of wool, such as BFL, BFL/Masham, Wensleydale, Merino, and some chunky handspun in British breeds (more of those to come!). All the yarn bases are non-superwash, and naturally dyed for minimum environmental impact. 

* Laceweight, DK, Chunky, 4ply

* Colourways tend to be relatively muted tonals, and since they are naturally dyed they will fade over time. Follow specific care instructions to hold the colour longer. 

* Emma's love for Harry Potter has nudged her into hosting a Harry Potter knit club! Visit her website for more info on that. 

Shipping Details

*Ships worldwide from Northern Ireland

*Shipping packaging is compostable!

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