What started as a hobby for Amy turned into a business as she found fulfilment in all things hand-dyed, and wanted to pass that along to other creatives. She encourages inspired knitting through quality products.  

Visit her website, her instagram @wattsupyarnco, or send her an email at wattsupyarnco@gmail.com to get in touch


Philosophy & Ideals

* Hopes to entice and inspire creativity in others by providing quality hand-dyed yarns, and encouraging them to create gorgeous one-of-a-kind pieces with them

* Amy fell in love with knitting and all things hand-dyed once she became a stay-at-home mother, and was hooked as she turned it into a sustainable business



Fibres & Colourways

* A multitude of fibre blends are available, including:

  • Merino / Nylon
  • Merino / Nylon / Cashmere
  • Merino / Silk
  • Baby Alpaca / Merino / Silk
  • Merino / Yak / Silk

* Lots of sock weight yarns are available in these blends, but the MCN is also in sport weight, and there is also 100% merino in DK and worsted weights.

* Low immersion dyeing techniques combine with kettle dyeing, resist dyeing and dip-dyeing, making way for LOTS of speckles! 

Shipping Details

* Currently shipping to USA, Canada, and Norway

* Ships from Southern California

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