The beautiful skeins that Rachel creates reflect her love of the great outdoors, and those stories which inspire us and bring us all closer together in this fibre journey. 

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Philosophy & Ideals

* Values honesty, kindness, fresh ideas, and great customer service.

* Inspired by the Rockies, near which she lives, whose scenery provides endless inspiration for new colourways.

* Strives to make beautiful, affordable yarns, as every fibre artist deserves to tell a story through their creations, and her colourscapes provide a starting point for those stories.

* Believes strongly in collaboration and inclusivity to all.


* Blends dyes to create unique colours that can then be "painted" on to the yarn to create a marbled look in the finished product. Also has a collection of tonals, but tends towards earthier colours, with a few pops of bright colours for contrast.

Fibres & Colourways

* Eight unique fibre bases available, all named after crops grown in her home state of Kansas: 

  • Alfalfa - Fingering (SW MCN, 4-ply)
  • Amaranth - Fingering (100% non-superwash merino, 4-ply)
  • Barley - Fingering (100% SW merino, single ply)
  • Clover - Fingering (75% SW corriedale, 15% nylon, 4-ply)
  • Milo mini-skeins - Fingering (75% SW merino, 25% nylon, 4-ply)
  • Soybean - DK (100% non-superwash merino)
  • Sunflower - Worsted (100% non-superwash merino)
  • Wheat - Worsted (100% SW merino)

Shipping Details

* International and domestic shipping available.

* Ships from Denver, Colorado, USA.

* Current vendors of Rachel's yarns in the USA are: 

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